PR and Departing

chandra-and-sarah-on-lido-deck-saturday.jpgAfter going to bed really early last night, we got up around 8:30am and started packing and such. Because there was only 1 elevator in the hotel, it had been recommended that we get our suitcases down to the lobby by 10. Well there were 5 of us in the room and we all had to shower, so that didn’t really happen. Jean and I were the last to get ready and we went downstairs (pressing ‘up’ to get the elevator because we learned a thing or 2 from college) in hopes of getting some breakfast. Well it was exactly 11 and they told us that we could no longer get food like the others, so we both decided to walk to a place nearby that had been recommended. It was only 2 blocks away so we were at Los Pinos in no time. We got the menu and they were no longer serving breakfast either, so Jean got some pork thing in plantanes and I got chicken fingers and french fries. The rest of the menu was really odd, like liver and such. Well, you would think that chicken would be safe, but first off, all of our food came out with little toothpicks in each piece – just ridiculous looking. The chicken looked ok from the outside but the consistency on the inside was like that of hummus. Yuck! I ate a few and had most of the french fries. We did really well ordering in spanish and asking for the check and such. We left and met the Mazzilli’s on the street. I called my mom and Bri for a few and then we went back to the hotel to get a cab to the cruise ship!

The port was pretty close and we look 2 cabs to get there. The line was SO long to check bags and get onto the ship, and I think we waited for like an hour just in the sun before moving on to the pier where they checked passports and boarding passes and we gave them our luggage. From there, we went up to this boarding area and Molly’s friends parents were members of some Princess thing so we got to go in a special line and check in. From there, more lines….and a liquor store! We had already purchased quite a bit that we hoped would not be taken out of our checked bags, but this was fabulously cheap. I got 2 bottles of Malibu and and bottle of Absolut – oh and a Bailey’s nip – for like $10. From there, we passed through the metal detectors and onto the ship! Finally. Jean and I were on the 12th floor, the Aloha deck, in room 525. The room was much larger that I expected. From there, we met up with the rest of the crew and went to the buffet on the Lido deck. The food was ok, but I was expecting much better I think. I wanted stacks of lobsters and shrimp the size of my hand but instead it was raviolis, fruit and cookies. Oh, and they make us sanitize our hands before we eat anything, which I guess is good but it’s really weird to do – it kind of takes away from the whole atmosphere that they are trying to create. Jean signed us up for the wine tasting on Friday so that’s exciting. From there, we basically explored and such and had some drinks until dinner at 6pm. The menu was ok, but the best part was that you could order whatever you wanted. So for an appetizer, I had spring rolls, shrimp cocktail, and this watermelon and marscipone (sp?) cheese parfait thing. For an entree I had….beef fillet! It was actually pretty good! Still getting used to it though, and there were 3 beefy things on the menu so without my meat mentor there to guide me I took a general survey of what people thought I would like and I ended up with that. I think it was a good choice because Liz got the other one that I was going to oder and it looked like there was fat on it – gross. For dessert we had flourless chocolate cake with mixed berries.

By that time it was time for our little emergency drill. Jean and I grabbed our life vests and waited on the 7th floor for the alarm to sound before going to our muster point (D). It was 20 minutes where they explained how to put on a life vest basically – I remember the Bermuda cruise being a bit more intensive. Anyways, from there we went to the Mazzilli bar and to the Fusion lounge or something like that with Jean Liz Claudia and Katie. Sarah met us a bit later with Chris, who was completely drunk off his ass. We watched some flamenco dancers and then it was time for a show. I decided to sit that one out and I went out to the deck to make some final calls before I lost cell service. Jean texted me from the show saying there was a black jew comedian from ny on then, so I thought that may be amusing so I went inside for his act and then the show was over. He was pretty good too, kinda like Louis Black humor. From there, it was back up to the Lido deck. I went with Jean while she got a veggie burger and then she came with me to get some pizza. There was chit chatting and Chris basically amused us all with how insanely drunk he was. The rest of us weren’t drunk at all so it was even more amusing. Around 12 we decided to call it a night and Jean and I walked Sarah back to her deck and then came back to our room to unpack. They hadn’t taken my Absolut Raspberri from my checked bag btw, and we actually all had SO much liquor. Anyway, it’s 1:36am and the boat is rocking a lot so I need to stop typing. Watching the Devil Wears Prada now — room service is coming between 730 and 8 – goodnight!

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