What’s Going on in Uruguay?

Uruguay. What does anyone think of when Uruguay is mentioned? Mention France and I think of the Eiffel Tower. Japan makes me think of sushi. Brazil has big Jesus on the hill. But Uruguay? I have zero preconceptions of what is going on there. Even still, not in a million years did I think this was Uruguay:

Picturesque sidewalk with random wagon wheel.

Picturesque sidewalk with random wagon wheel

Colonia Uruguay Rio Plata.

Looking down the cobblestone streets towards the Rio Plata

Plaza Mayor, Colonia Uruguay

Dave snapping a shot in Plaza Mayor, Colonia

The lighthouse in Colonia Uruguay

The lighthouse in Colonia

house uruguay colonia

Typical house facade

Old American car Colonia Uruguay

Looking a bit like Cuba with old American cars

Lilac trees Colonia Uruguay

Lilac trees lining the streets

Bastión de San Miguel Colonia Uruguay

Looking over the water from Bastión de San Miguel

Dining al fresco at sunset

Dining al fresco

All photos taken in the picturesque town of Colonia del Sacramento, which is a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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