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To get a sense of scope, those are people walking on the crest of the dune. These are the largest dunes in the world.

16 Crazy Landscape Photos of Sossusvlei Namibia

Namibia may not have a lot of people living in it, but its sparseness is part of what makes it so incredibly beautiful. On a trip to Sossusvlei, Chandra and I decided to travel in style and charter a plane to get us from the capital of Windhoek to andBeyond Desert Lodge out in the […]

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Jumping Around the World

It’s no secret, we love to travel. Somewhere around 2006 or so we started to express our love of travel by literally jumping for joy in our photos. It all began in Egypt actually with a group jumping shot in front of the Great Pyramid. Since then, we’ve been jumping around the world. Sometimes it […]

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Namibia Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Quad Bike ATV

Quad Biking in Namibia

How can something as harsh as quad biking in Namibia (or, ATV-ing) actually let you appreciate the captivating landscape of Namibia? I really didn’t expect that tearing through the dune trails at whatever-kilometers-per-hour (“super scary fast”) would do it for me, but it totally did.  It was the perfect mix of adventure and also was […]

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Hikers climb up Sossusvlei Dunes Namibia

Running Down the Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia

Running down a sand dune has to be one of the most unexpectedly fun things to do. Even standing at the top of one of the famous Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia, I had my doubts.  Would  I slide straight down the dune?  Would my running result in a hilarious yet dangerous “ass-over-teakettle” situation?  Would I […]

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