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Join us in the Galapagos in April 2017!

We’ll be hosting a very special small-group trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands April 22-30, 2017 to experience the incredible wildlife, history and natural beauty of these famous islands. Most people think the only way to experience the Galapagos is on a cruise ship, but this very special land based itinerary brings you closer to the destination […]

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Photo Dec 10, 11 05 42

One Secret Trick to Pay Half Price for the JFK AirTrain

Like most New Yorkers, I absolutely hate paying for the AirTrain when I need to go to JFK airport. I pay quite enough each month on my MetroCard as is so knowing I need to take a $10 hit just for making a round-trip to the airport is never any fun. Amazingly, there is a […]

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Galapagos Cover

We’re Going to the Galapagos! – February 2016

We’re going to the Galapagos! And you can come along. We’ll be hosting a very special small-group trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands from the 21st to the 28th of February 2016 (with optional Quito add-on starting on Feb 19th) to experience the incredible wildlife and natural diversity of these amazing islands. This very special itinerary is the result […]

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Entire Boat with John Mike Rick Ron Joan & Dave

Boating Long Island’s Gold Coast

A couple of summers ago we had the idea to rent a speed boat as a family to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. We ended up exploring NYC by boat and even having lunch while floating beside the Statue of Liberty. It was so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. I […]

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She may not have ever had PEZ before, but she knows she wants it.

Visiting the PEZ Factory in Orange, CT

I love PEZ. Not many people know this about me, but I used to be rather obsessed with PEZ. Would it surprise you to know that I have a collection of 439 PEZ dispensers or that I own more PEZ memorabilia than most people even know exist? It’s been awhile since I was an active […]

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While we're on breakfast, get a load of these poached eggs. What's that they're sitting on? Fried green tomatoes. Wait, what's under the tomatoes? Crab cakes! Yes. Really. This is also from Huey's on River Street.

The Most Delicious Southern Foods

I just got back from a road trip up the Eastern Seaboard from Savannah to Charleston to Virginia Beach and everything in between. There was a reason for the trip, but instead of telling you about that, I figured I’d tell you about the most delicious southern food I ate along the way. The South […]

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Street Food in Rocinha Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Street Food

Hundreds of thousands of visitors will soon be traveling to Brazil for the World Cup. Brazil has had a LOT of bad publicity because of their horrendously delayed preparations. A stadium has no roof. Workers are on strike. Protesters have been teargassed. Brazilians are pissed off that their government has poured millions into hosting the […]

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Traditional PRO in the back, four pieces of salmon nigiri and a spicy scallop crunch roll

The Best Sushi in New York in an Unexpected Place

If it weren’t for the cost and our own inability to make it, Chandra and I would have no problem eating Japanese food every single day. It’s by far our favorite cuisine  and for that reason we are always on the look out for truly delicious sushi. For a city with nearly as many sushi […]

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