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Icelandic Countryside

16 Beautiful Sunsets from Around the World

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? Watching one can be one of the most memorable parts of a trip. Especially watching one with good friends and a drink in hand. I’ve been lucky enough to see some really beautiful sunsets in my travels. Although the sun is always the same, it’s amazing how different a […]

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Who would want to commit crimes when this is the view you have every night?

Is Colombia Safe for Tourists?

When you think of Colombia, there’s a good chance you mentally reference this video clip… Harrison Ford and his friends may not be typical tourists, but that doesn’t change the main take-away of this movie from being that Colombia is incredibly scary and dangerous – especially for Americans.  For many (myself included), this misconception of […]

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Street Vendors - Banana Woman

Navigating the Cartagena Street Food Carts

A collection of photos featuring Cartagena street food carts which feature a delicious mix of tasty Colombian fare set among the ancient streets of the old city. Visit Oh The People You Meet for full story. Like it? Share it!

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The party on the wall brings out the fiesta cowboy in everybody

A Rolling Fiesta: Cartagena Chiva Tour

Cartagena, Colombia is a really fun city.  On the weekends you can’t walk down the street without live music pouring out of every restaurant and bar on every corner.  The old city buzzes at night, with with more people walking around on foot than cars driving the ancient streets.  But weeknights are a bit tougher…so […]

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