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Feeding Monkeys in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Why I am Married because Cambodia has Cute Monkeys

Cambodia is unique for a lot of reasons, but the monkeys that occupy both the large cities and the rural temples sure do make you realize how diverse our world is.  In New York we have squirrels.  In Boston, squirrels.  In London…squirrels.  Instead of something lame like that, Cambodia has MONKEYS!  I’m not sure who […]

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Angkor Wat and Return to Saigon

We woke up today at around 8:30am, which was sleeping pretty late considering we had been getting up at of before 7am most days.  I showered in the glass shower (think carnival money machine) and got ready.  It’s worthwhile to note that I did attempt to do something with my hair each morning, and this […]

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Today, like most days, started out very early.  We got up and made it downstairs to catch the shuttle that would take us to the 7:30am bus to Siem Reap.  We were down there at 7am and no shuttle, so I ordered us some toast and we ate that while we waited.  The shuttle didn’t […]

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Flying! And RUPP (Part II)!

Despite the promise of an extremely exciting day, it was very difficult to get up at 5:30am.  I got up first and got ready, then managed to wake up Dave and we were downstairs pretty much ontime (6am).  There, Eddie and Lee were waiting for us (although Lee had gone upstairs to wake us up […]

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RUPP (part I)

Today started out way too early.  I set the alarm for 7:30 so that I could practice my talk a bit.  Around 7:45 I started after getting ready, so I had about 15 minutes, during which I just went through my slides once and looked through pics of me that we had already taken because […]

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Let the Cambodian massages begin!

Today we got up at 6:35am for the 8am bus to Phnom Penh..  Actually it was more like 6:40am because I just reached over and shut off the alarm clock.  But we got ready, and I had mostly packed from the night before, and then we went downstairs to ‘check out.’  They are holding the […]

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