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Pho Bo Vien with Vietnamese beef meatballs

Vietnamese Food in New York: Pho Bang

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved Asian food. Growing up, there wasn’t anything better than Americanized Chinese food. Give me some of that General Tso’s, what could be better? As I got older, I discovered Japanese food and quickly realized it was probably the best cuisine on the planet. Thai food came later in […]

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Don't eat too much before this trip.

The Cu Chi Tunnels of Vietnam

For most Americans traveling to Vietnam, the Vietnam War will play a large part of the experience. Relatives will comment on your travel itinerary and you’ll probably know someone touched by the conflict (if you yourself were not). The Forrest Gump soundtrack will play in your mind as you fly over the lush countryside before […]

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Small Boats in Canals Mekong River Vietnam

A Mekong River Delta Tour in Vietnam

A short distance from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (or “Saigon” for everyone who lives there) is the Mekong River Delta. A Mekong River Delta Tour is one of a few short excursions from the city that every tourist seems to do. It’s a cheap ($7!) outing that only takes a day and allows you […]

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Spices for Sale at Durban's Victoria Street Market

The Top 10 Street Markets, Bazaars and Souks in the World

Exploring street markets can be the highlight of any destination and I’ve been lucky enough to explore my fair share from around the world.  The following are my top ten favorites and they span the globe from South East Asia to Africa to the Middle East and Australia.  Have you been to a market that […]

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Last Day in Saigon

Today we finally had the chance to sleep late so we didn’t get up until 10:15am, despite cats having a brawl outside of the window around 7:30.  Saigon has some really odd city sounds.  I packed my luggage but still had to get another suitcase to carry all of my purchases that were still in […]

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Angkor Wat and Return to Saigon

We woke up today at around 8:30am, which was sleeping pretty late considering we had been getting up at of before 7am most days.  I showered in the glass shower (think carnival money machine) and got ready.  It’s worthwhile to note that I did attempt to do something with my hair each morning, and this […]

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Let the Cambodian massages begin!

Today we got up at 6:35am for the 8am bus to Phnom Penh..  Actually it was more like 6:40am because I just reached over and shut off the alarm clock.  But we got ready, and I had mostly packed from the night before, and then we went downstairs to ‘check out.’  They are holding the […]

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