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Extra clothes should be in the carry-on, just in case

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids

The following is a guest post from contributor Rebecca Adams de Garate and does not reflect the views or experiences of either Chandra or Dave.  I have read many articles about people lashing out in horrendous ways at families with kids on flights. I myself have experienced disgust to the point of individuals cursing out loud at […]

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Happy in Santiago, Chile after paying only 1 reciprocity fee.

Countries That Are Screwing Over Americans (Because We Screwed Them Over First)

So you have your passport. If you’re American, you have the benefit of being able to travel to a number of countries without a visa.* Congrats! Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly expensive to be a US passport holder while traveling abroad. Wait, what? Why Are They Charging Americans? The reality is that many non-US citizens […]

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BassinetBaby (3)

How to Get an Airplane Baby Bassinet

Our little girl is just under a year old and already she’s been on ten separate flights in five countries. It’s safe to say that she’s flown more in her first year of life than most adults do in any given year. This was very intentional on our part as we wanted to make sure […]

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Baby Travel Gear

Our Gear for Traveling with Baby

I’ve always been proud of my ability to pack light.  I have literally (old definition, not this nonsense) traveled around the world with only a carry-on bag.  I never use luggage carts and avoid porters at all costs.  My bags are my problem and if I can’t manage them all, I brought too much.  This […]

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How to Take an Infant Passport Photo

So you’ve had a baby – congratulations!  And you’re determined not to let that baby mean the end of your travels.  That baby is going to see the world all before she starts forming permanent memories.  Sounds like a plan!  But this isn’t the 90’s.  As ridiculous as it may seem, that little baby is […]

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Some of Cape Air's planes have Nantucket Airlines livery.  Samara is happy with either.

The Best Way to Get from New York to Provincetown

When I was growing up, there were two places we would go for summer vacation each year:  Montauk, at the end of Long Island, or Provincetown, at the end of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  Montauk was always a good time, but Provincetown was really special.  Whereas Montauk was only about two hours from our home […]

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Canadian Via Rail Train compartment with Infant

Traveling by Train with an Infant

When our baby girl was just two months old, we decided we needed a little change in scenery. Make that a lot of scenery. With Dave’s abundant vacation time, and my maternity leave, it was the perfect time for our first transcontinental train journey! We would be taking The Canadian train across Canada with our infant. We […]

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Pork Bun at Ippudo NYC

Vacation Where You Live: New York City Food

Now that our baby girl is five weeks old, it was time for her first vacation: New York City!  It wasn’t a real vacation, since we live in NY, but rather it was a test for other trips we have planned this year.  Vacationing where you live is a nice excuse to eat only in […]

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