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Jumping Around the World

It’s no secret, we love to travel. Somewhere around 2006 or so we started to express our love of travel by literally jumping for joy in our photos. It all began in Egypt actually with a group jumping shot in front of the Great Pyramid. Since then, we’ve been jumping around the world. Sometimes it […]

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Dhow near fishing village somewhere in the fjords of Oman

A Day trip to Oman – Exploring the Fjords of Musandam on a Dhow

I arrived into Dubai International Airport around 3am I navigated through passport control and left my luggage at baggage storage for the day and set out via taxi to the Radisson SAS Dubai.  I wouldn’t be staying in Dubai today.  Today I would be heading to neighboring Oman!  It was probably around 4am when I […]

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Muscat, Oman: Home of the 2nd Largest Carpet in the World

Oman! A brand new country not counting yesterday and a chance to explore an interesting city. Dave was all “get up get up get up” at some unreasonable hour so I got ready and made it off the boat by 9am, just in time to catch the shuttle to the city center. Our first order […]

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The Fjords of Oman

Our first port of call was Fujairah in the UAE. Dave and I had researched this area and there seemed to be literally nothing going on. The ship had a great excursion that actually bypassed Fujairah altogether and took us to Oman for the day on a dhow to see the fjords, which was thrilling […]

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