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Spices for Sale at Durban's Victoria Street Market

The Top 10 Street Markets, Bazaars and Souks in the World

Exploring street markets can be the highlight of any destination and I’ve been lucky enough to explore my fair share from around the world.  The following are my top ten favorites and they span the globe from South East Asia to Africa to the Middle East and Australia.  Have you been to a market that […]

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arabic speed limit sign in doha qatar

Reading Signs Away from Home

Whether you can read the language or not, signs in other countries are often incomprehensible.  Yesterday my job had me working on languages that do not use Latin characters – namely, I was looking at Cyrillic for quite some time.  If you’ve never seen Cyrillic, just imagine that someone took the regular alphabet, added some numbers, […]

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Doha Qatar in a Day

Doha is the last stop of our honeymoon, despite the fact that we still have 3 flights to get back to NY. Due to how the flights line up (or rather, don’t), we extended our stay here for 12 hours. Yep, 7am to 7pm.  Upon arrival, we were immediately were surprised by Doha. The skyline […]

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