Flying to Lima, Peru

We left from Newark at 3pm for the 8 hour non-stop flight to Lima, Peru on Continental Airlines. The flight was very easy and I slept a bit, ate a bit, and tried to comfort Dave during this excruciating headache he was having. Soon then it seemed it was time to land. When we were landing, we found out that our seat mate was 20 years old and it was his first time back to Peru since he moved to the US when he was 8! He was so giddy to get off the plane – we were very happy for him.

The line for immigration was long and Dave got randomly stopped at customs and his bag was x-rayed. It truly was random, however. You go up to this button and press it and if it turns green you can pass through and if it turns red you have to be checked. After that, we found our taxi driver complete with David DiGregorio sign and we made it out of the airport and into his car/taxi. The air was so warm and I was beyond excited! It was weird to be attempting to speak spanish at this point too. I think the last time I had to do so because of travel was in Spain (although maybe in Miami). After passing though a run down area near the airport, we made it to a highway-type road that seemed to be on the edge of the ocean. We couldn’t be sure that we were near the ocean though.  Everything was completely pitch black except for the giant illuminated crucifix situated above the water.

We came to the Casa Andina, which is located in the desirable and beautiful Miraflores district of Lima. It was a nice enough hotel although we had to switch rooms from the one with twin beds to another with an actual bed. Unfortunately there was no place open to eat so we got a coke in the vending machine downstairs and called it a night.  Very excited to explore Miraflores and the rest of Lima tomorrow!  Buenas Noches!

Casa Andina Hotel Lima Peru

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