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To get a sense of scope, those are people walking on the crest of the dune. These are the largest dunes in the world.

16 Crazy Landscape Photos of Sossusvlei Namibia

Namibia may not have a lot of people living in it, but its sparseness is part of what makes it so incredibly beautiful. On a trip to Sossusvlei, Chandra and I decided to travel in style and charter a plane to get us from the capital of Windhoek to andBeyond Desert Lodge out in the […]

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Best paraglide go pro lions head cape town south africa

Paragliding in Cape Town

Of all the times I’ve ever jumped off a cliff, paragliding in Cape Town probably takes the cake for the scariest jump ever. It wasn’t that it was particularly high up or dangerous feeling, but rather it was that I had entirely too much information. But let me back up a bit. Yes, you can […]

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Pouring an "R&R" at Fernando's

A Day Trip to Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country filled with warm people, incredible wildlife and stunning nature. Most visitors will go to experience the urban culture of Maputo, the wildlife of the Niassa Reserve or the idyllic beaches of Vilanculos, but there is another place worth visiting in Mozambique. The tiny beach town of Ponta do Ouro lays just across […]

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Sable in Truck

Darting Sable Antelope from a Speeding Helicopter

It felt like we were flying a hundred miles an hour. That’s probably because the helicopter had no doors. And we were only about 50 feet above the ground.  Below us, a 500 pound sable antelope was running as fast as it could. It thought it was running for its life, but really we were […]

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Icelandic Countryside

16 Beautiful Sunsets from Around the World

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? Watching one can be one of the most memorable parts of a trip. Especially watching one with good friends and a drink in hand. I’ve been lucky enough to see some really beautiful sunsets in my travels. Although the sun is always the same, it’s amazing how different a […]

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Yours truly contemplating life from inside Nelson Mandela's prison cell

Visiting Robben Island and Mandela’s Prison Cell

With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, people are more eager than ever to visit the locations in South Africa that played a major role in his life. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and 18 of these years were on Robben Island. Visiting Robben Island can be one of the most eye-opening experiences […]

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I think I totally pull this off

How to Visit a Diamond Mine

While traveling in South Africa, I had the unique opportunity to visit a working diamond mine. The Premier Mine (also known as the Cullinan Mine) is the only working diamond mine in the entire world that you can actually visit.  Located just 25 miles east of Pretoria, it takes about an hour to reach the […]

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A view over mythical Stone Town from atop Emerson Spice

Where is Zanzibar?

Where is Zanzibar? What is Zanzibar?  How Do I Get There? Zanzibar.  The very name conjures up a romantic exoticism akin to ancient Babylon or Aladdin’s Agrabah.  Can such a place really exist? If yes, where on earth is it? So Zanzibar is in East Africa.  But it’s not a country, it’s an island that’s part […]

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