North Carolina’s Crystal Coast: A Hidden Gem

The following is a guest post from contributor Sara Upton and does not reflect the views or experiences of either Chandra or Dave Emerald Isle is part of a string ...

Exploring NYC by Speedboat

We wanted to do something really special to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday last summer. My Dad can be tough to impress. Museums and shows aren’t his thing and even ...

An Excursion to England’s Lake District

The following is a guest post from contributor Max Richardson and does not reflect the views or experiences of either Chandra or Dave I woke up on the decent to ...

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Our Must-Have Travel Gear

  Ahh, travel gear.  Nothing makes me happier.  Over the years I ...

How to Visit a Diamond Mine

While traveling in South Africa, I had the unique opportunity to visit ...

The 10 Most Interesting Foreign Currencies

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to visit some pretty ...

Our Gear for Traveling with Baby

I’ve always been proud of my ability to pack light.  I have ...

Buying Illegal Cuban Cigars on Havana’s Black Market

Recently Chandra and I were able to (legally) travel to Cuba.  This ...
Friendship bridge going to Ciudad de Este in Paraguay

An Illegal Border Crossing into Paraguay

“It wasn’t intentional.  I always learn about learning the entry requirements for ...

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What’s Going on in Uruguay?

Uruguay. What does anyone think of when Uruguay is mentioned? Mention France and I think of the Eiffel Tower. Japan makes me think of sushi. Brazil has big Jesus on the hill. But Uruguay? I have zero preconceptions of what is going on there. Even still, not in a million years did I think this was Uruguay: All photos […]

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My 10 Most Memorable Meals while Traveling

Food is always a big part of travel. After all, what you are eating is often defined by where you are and the experience of eating it is often one of the most memorable parts of being there.  Below are 10 of the most memorable meals I’ve enjoyed while traveling. Be prepared because this list […]

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A Day Trip to Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country filled with warm people, incredible wildlife and stunning nature. Most visitors will go to experience the urban culture of Maputo, the wildlife of the Niassa Reserve or the idyllic beaches of Vilanculos, but there is another place worth visiting in Mozambique. The tiny beach town of Ponta do Ouro lays just across […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling with Two Passports

The most popular post on this site is How to Travel with Two Passports. In fact, it’s so popular it led me to write Step by Step Guide to Entering & Exiting a Country with Two Different Passports. If you haven’t read these posts, they are a great starting point to understanding your rights, benefits and […]

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Iguazu Falls with Viewing Platforms Brazil

How to Visit Iguazu Falls From Brazil & Argentina

I visited Niagara Falls as a kid (and a few times recently, too!), so I thought I knew what to expect from a waterfall. I did not. Niagara is nice, but comparing Niagara to Iguazu Falls is like comparing a 4th grade kickball game to the World Cup. I’m sorry, Niagara, but Iguazu has you […]

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REVIEW: Turkish Airlines Economy Class

I recently had the opportunity to fly on Turkish Airways to get myself to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. I typically don’t write airline reviews but this is the third major international trip I’ve used Turkish for and they’ve been pretty great. I felt I owed it to them to highlight some of the […]

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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia in a Day

I can’t imagine what you are doing in Ulaanbaatar. It’s an extremely random place to find yourself. I can only imagine you’re stopping off on the Trans-Siberian Railway. You probably know already that Lonely Planet describes Ulaanbaatar as “an ugly scar on an otherwise lovely country.” Sadly, this is pretty accurate. Ulaanbaatar is the surplus […]

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Countries That Are Screwing Over Americans (Because We Screwed Them Over First)

So you have your passport. If you’re American, you have the benefit of being able to travel to a number of countries without a visa.* Congrats! Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly expensive to be a US passport holder while traveling abroad. Wait, what? Why Are They Charging Americans? The reality is that many non-US citizens […]

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