Trekking Norway’s Nigardsbreen Glacier

Although my Norway itinerary was packed with exciting activities, glacier trekking was probably the one I was most looking forward to. It’s hard not to be inspired by glaciers. Growing ...

Lunch at Joe’s Butchery in Alexandra Township

People think African townships are scary places. They think they’re dangerous and need to be avoided. If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t buy into that ...

Want Miles? Always Check Your Fare Class

If you fly a lot, chances are you are kind of obsessed with earning miles. Frequent flyers know all the tricks to maximize the value of those miles. First and foremost ...

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Join Style Hi in South Africa! – February 2015

We’re going to South Africa! And you can come along. We’ll be ...

Our Must-Have Travel Gear

  Ahh, travel gear.  Nothing makes me happier.  Over the years I ...

How to Visit a Diamond Mine

While traveling in South Africa, I had the unique opportunity to visit ...

The 10 Most Interesting Foreign Currencies

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to visit some pretty ...

Our Gear for Traveling with Baby

I’ve always been proud of my ability to pack light.  I have ...

Buying Illegal Cuban Cigars on Havana’s Black Market

Recently Chandra and I were able to (legally) travel to Cuba.  This ...

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16 Crazy Landscape Photos of Sossusvlei Namibia

Namibia may not have a lot of people living in it, but its sparseness is part of what makes it so incredibly beautiful. On a trip to Sossusvlei, Chandra and I decided to travel in style and charter a plane to get us from the capital of Windhoek to andBeyond Desert Lodge out in the […]

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Vik, Iceland: the Perfect Daytrip from Reykjavik

Iceland is amazing. In fact, otherworldly is often the most appropriate word to describe it.  The capital, Reykjavik, is a fabulous city and great place to base yourself but the country has so much to offer within such close proximity. Once you’ve explored the Golden Triangle, snowmobiled on a glacier and eaten all the whale […]

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The Most Delicious Southern Foods

I just got back from a road trip up the Eastern Seaboard from Savannah to Charleston to Virginia Beach and everything in between. There was a reason for the trip, but instead of telling you about that, I figured I’d tell you about the most delicious southern food I ate along the way. The South […]

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Shark Diving cage south africa

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Shark cage diving is one of those things you see on National Geographic and think, “Wow, those people are insane.” While that well may be, but did you know that you don’t have to be a professional to get close to a great white? Shark cage diving in South Africa is an activity that really […]

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Street Food in Rocinha Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Street Food

Hundreds of thousands of visitors will soon be traveling to Brazil for the World Cup. Brazil has had a LOT of bad publicity because of their horrendously delayed preparations. A stadium has no roof. Workers are on strike. Protesters have been teargassed. Brazilians are pissed off that their government has poured millions into hosting the […]

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The Best Sushi in New York in an Unexpected Place

If it weren’t for the cost and our own inability to make it, Chandra and I would have no problem eating Japanese food every single day. It’s by far our favorite cuisine  and for that reason we are always on the look out for truly delicious sushi. For a city with nearly as many sushi […]

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Spending the Weekend at Oheka Castle

As new parents, it can be difficult to find time to spend just with one another. And by difficult I mean impossible. That’s why we were so excited by a very special gift from my parents – a weekend by ourselves in a castle while they babysat! Surprisingly, we wouldn’t have to travel to Ireland […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids

The following is a guest post from contributor Rebecca Adams de Garate and does not reflect the views or experiences of either Chandra or Dave.  I have read many articles about people lashing out in horrendous ways at families with kids on flights. I myself have experienced disgust to the point of individuals cursing out loud at […]

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