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Join us in Southern Africa in 2017!

Southern Africa is our specialty and over the years we have continued to refine our offering constantly taking into account the feedback provided by our guests. Our 2017 trip features the best of the best and makes use of our many years and many relationships in the region. This is a South Africa trip like […]

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Masterful BBQ taking place at Joe's Butchery in Alexandra Township

Lunch at Joe’s Butchery in Alexandra Township

People think African townships are scary places. They think they’re dangerous and need to be avoided. If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t buy into that sort of hype. It’s not that I am irresponsible and go to dangerous places, it’s just that often the places that people think are too […]

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Shark Diving cage south africa

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Shark cage diving is one of those things you see on National Geographic and think, “Wow, those people are insane.” While that well may be, but did you know that you don’t have to be a professional to get close to a great white? Shark cage diving in South Africa is an activity that really […]

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Best paraglide go pro lions head cape town south africa

Paragliding in Cape Town

Of all the times I’ve ever jumped off a cliff, paragliding in Cape Town probably takes the cake for the scariest jump ever. It wasn’t that it was particularly high up or dangerous feeling, but rather it was that I had entirely too much information. But let me back up a bit. Yes, you can […]

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Jumping Around the World

It’s no secret, we love to travel. Somewhere around 2006 or so we started to express our love of travel by literally jumping for joy in our photos. It all began in Egypt actually with a group jumping shot in front of the Great Pyramid. Since then, we’ve been jumping around the world. Sometimes it […]

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Fillet mignon at Freemasons Hotel in Geraldton, Australia

My 10 Most Memorable Meals while Traveling

Food is always a big part of travel. After all, what you are eating is often defined by where you are and the experience of eating it is often one of the most memorable parts of being there. ¬†Below are 10 of the most memorable meals I’ve enjoyed while traveling. Be prepared because this list […]

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Sable in Truck

Darting Sable Antelope from a Speeding Helicopter

It felt like we were flying a hundred miles an hour. That’s probably because the helicopter had no doors. And we were only about 50 feet above the ground. ¬†Below us, a 500 pound sable antelope was running as fast as it could. It thought it was running for its life, but really we were […]

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Tiger Moth Dave 1

Flying in a 1930’s de Havilland Tiger Moth Open-Cockpit Aircraft

I’ve flown in everything from a four passenger Cessna to a 450 passenger Boeing 777 but I had never experienced the wind-in-my-hair ecstasy of an open-cockpit before climbing aboard a 1930’s de Havilland Tiger Moth at Johannesburg’s Rand Airport. While having a drink at the Harvard Cafe, I watched the planes come and go waiting […]

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