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Stop sign in San Juan Puerto Rico

Getting by on High School Spanish

I’m pretty bad at learning languages.  I took Spanish for 5 years in high school and 1 year in college and I can carry on a conversation that a four year old would have.  I can cover the following: The weather, but only if its sunny or snowing.  Maybe raining.  I could probably guess at […]

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Cano Negro Costa Rica Snake Bird

Animals of Costa Rica: Monkeys, Iguanas, Crocodiles Oh My!

Aside from these adorable spider monkeys that I could have watched for hours, our trip to the Caño Negro Refuge did allow us to see many more animals that are indigenous to Costa Rica.  Cano Negro Refuge is best seen via a boat ride along the river – the Río Frío – and is about a […]

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Baby spider monkey in costa rica

Baby Spider Monkeys, Caño Negro, Costa Rica

Is there anything cuter than baby animals?  I don’t really think so.  We were fortunate to see two juvenile spider monkeys during our trip to Caño Negro, Costa Rica.   (more…) Like it? Share it!

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Zip-lining in arenal costa rica

Terrifying Experience Alert: Zip-lining in Arenal, Costa Rica

Zip-lining is the thing to do in Costa Rica.  It’s advertised heavily in areas such as La Fortuna and the land surrounding Arenal.  Helmet clad tourists appear on billboards giving a thumbs up sign while hanging rather casually from a cable.  Almost always there are kids on these billboards, too – look! So easy!  Even […]

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Drinking Imperial Beer in San Jose Costa Rica

First Impressions of San José, Costa Rica

The Costa Rican woman who stamped our passports was friendly and relaxed.  What else would you expect from a country recently designated as the happiest on earth?  We headed out to the crowds and the humidity after finding the designated “Aeropuerto Taxi”.  In these situations, you could often save money by using a “non-official” taxi, […]

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costa rica monkey from Luca5

Tips for Vacation Planning in the Fast Lane

With all of the sadness and emotional energy spent on my grandmother’s passing, I obviously haven’t given a thought to planning any of our 1-year anniversary vacation to Costa Rica.  Who could think of booking fun activities at a time like that?  Well, its rather inevitable though, and unless we want to land in Costa […]

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Arenal Volcano Erupting in Costa Rica

A Guide: Short Vacations & Why Costa Rica?

After taking a honeymoon that used up my entire year’s worth of vacation time before the end of January, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much this year.  That doesn’t stop me from wanting to escape though, so weekend trips have held me over until my vacation days are replenished in January.  In March […]

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