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Foreign Currency Collection

The 10 Most Interesting Foreign Currencies

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to visit some pretty interesting places.  In the beginning, we were eager to buy stuff everywhere we went.  But over time we’ve come to value different things and often don’t bring anything back at all anymore.  One souvenir we almost always do keep is a bit of […]

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The secret to this man's saggy creased skin and bloody face?  The finest cigars money can buy - Cubans!

Buying Illegal Cuban Cigars on Havana’s Black Market

Recently Chandra and I were able to (legally) travel to Cuba.  This trip  was probably one of our best and most unique experiences abroad.  No place in the world is like Cuba and to experience it is probably the closest thing you’ll get to time travel.  We traveled along with our good friend Brett and […]

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Cuba’s Tourism Industry: How it is for Cubans and for Foreigners

As an American traveling to Cuba, I was mainly excited to see Havana.  Aside from the Guantanamo Bay, I hadn’t heard about any other sites, and Guantanamo Bay isn’t really a tourist destination if you aren’t Michael Moore.  It’s also about a 10 hour drive from Havana.  But what about the rest of the island? We were […]

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Daiquiris at the Floridita Havana Cuba

What to Do in Havana, Cuba

Just because Americans are not allowed to visit Cuba (although there are loopholes) doesn’t mean that tourists from other nations don’t flock to the island.  Havana, Cuba is a tropical destination that also offers cultural attractions and a rich history.  Unlike much of the Caribbean, Cuba has been independent from any European rule since 1902…it is […]

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Man Smoking Cigar in Havana Cuba

The Forbidden World of Cuban Cigars & Capitalism

Cuba’s most popular export is the Cuban Cigar.  Because of the US embargo against Cuba, Cuban cigars, arguably the finest cigars in existence, are illegal for Americans to buy.   Cohiba, Montecristo, H. Upmann…all of these famous brands are produced by Habanos SA, the government owned tobacco company. The process is still largely done by hand. […]

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Old American Car in Havana Cuba

An American Traveling to Cuba

A few days ago, it was announced that come November 10, 2011, Cubans in Cuba would be allowed to buy and sell property.  Cuba is a mystery to Americans, as we are forbidden to travel to Cuba because of the embargo that has been in place since 1960. Because we are not allowed to visit Cuba, […]

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