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A day in Lima, Peru

Woke up this morning in Lima, Peru to banging on the door – scary! It was just the tour guy from The Hotel España saying the boat tour was canceled due to weather. So terrible. It wasn’t raining, but I guess it was too windy for boats. We laid in bed for a while longer, […]

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Hotel Espana in Lima Peru

Chinese Food in Lima, Peru

After passing out last night and feeling sick from the cold, I awoke in Cusco around 8am to pack, shower, and get ready for our return to Lima. We were out the door by 9 to first stop at the Inka Cafe to get some crepes, oj, and mate de coca, and then quickly to […]

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llama in machu picchu peru

Machu Picchu and New Years in Cusco, Peru

Jumped out of bed this morning at 6am on the dot – I was so excited for Macchu Picchu and New Years Eve in Cusco, Peru! Dave was more excited though and in about 9 minutes he was standing there with his shoes on, jacket zipped up, and backpack on his back ready to go. […]

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Peruvian Dancers Plaza de Armas, Cusco Peru

Exploring Cusco

Sometimes hostels just don’t work out. This was the case for the Flying Dog Hostel in Cusco, Peru. We woke up around 9ish after sleeping maybe 3 hours in a row. Across the hall, loud people had woken us up at 3am banging on doors and yelling. Then a rooster around 5 (can not be […]

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Two Miles Up – Flying to Cusco, Peru

Today we would be transferring from Lima (sea level) to Cusco, Peru (approximately two miles above sea level).  The taxi ride to the Lima airport was a bit nuts with all the traffic and side roads (along with the heavy pollution), but we checked in to our Taca flight and went through security in no […]

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Cliffs of Miraflores Lima, Peru

Districts of Lima: Miraflores and Barranco

No alarms this morning, just waking up in a hard bed in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. We, at least I, took my time getting ready and we ate the free continental breakfast downstairs at the Casa Andina Hotel. Today we would explore Miraflores by day and the Barranco district by night. Now, I […]

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Casa Andina Hotel Lima Peru

Flying to Lima, Peru

We left from Newark at 3pm for the 8 hour non-stop flight to Lima, Peru on Continental Airlines. The flight was very easy and I slept a bit, ate a bit, and tried to comfort Dave during this excruciating headache he was having. Soon then it seemed it was time to land. When we were […]

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