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View from JetBlue flying over Florida

Flying back to Boston from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Because we have an ‘early’ flight back from San Juan, Puerto Rico, back to Boston, we had leave the Princess Ship at 7:15. ┬áIt was completely unnecessary and we were off the ship in no time at all. Customs was a complete joke. I did, however, get a passport stamp with a nice SJU on […]

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PR and Departing

After going to bed really early last night, we got up around 8:30am and started packing and such. Because there was only 1 elevator in the hotel, it had been recommended that we get our suitcases down to the lobby by 10. Well there were 5 of us in the room and we all had […]

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Puerto Rico

So I’m sitting at the airport now and it’s 6:11am. If this had been all me, I’d be waking up now and leaving at 6:30 for our 8:05 flight. Instead, alarms went off at 4am at the Mazzilli house and people were running around like the first scenes in Home Alone. Seriously, it was JUST […]

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