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Perched atop the border post between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Principality of Hutt River

Meeting a Real Princess in the Principality of Hutt River

I had been researching exactly what to do on my upcoming trip to Western Australia (WA) when I came upon something extremely interesting – the Principality of Hutt River.  This principality it seems is an independent “sovereign” state located in Western Australia about 500km north of Perth.  Apparently around 40 years ago a farmer by […]

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Kangaroos at Anglesea Golf great ocean road australia

A Flash Mob of Golfing Kangaroos: Animal Encounters while Traveling

After seeing the adorable sloth on Costa Rican Tourism’s homepage, I am beyond excited for all the new wildlife that I’ll see during my visit there in two weeks.  I can barely find the sloth in his designated exhibit in the Central Park Zoo, so I really hope that Costa Rica is simply RIFE with […]

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Back Up Over

I’m writing this on my flight from SFO to BOS. We have about 30 minutes left and I am at hour 37 of this day. Really, it has been May 3rd for 37 hours. One more hour to go. Stupid date line. We woke up around 8:30 but didn’t really get started until 9. We […]

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Last Day in Sydney feat. Mr Muney

Ahh sleep, so so nice. Brett flew in this morning and we got ahold of him by around 10. I showered and got ready and we hopped on the bus to the Marriott by the water. Brett flew first class here…so I kinda hate him right how. Oh and he is also on the 18th […]

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Birthday Celebrations

At 7am we were waiting for the bus on King Street to make it to Central by 7:25. I got a coffee to start the day and Dave got some chocolate milk and an apple. John would be our tour guide today. He was quite nice, very chatty, and actually…a bit hard to describe. I […]

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Wonderful Nothingness

Eek! 4:50am is gross! We got up and quickly got ready and were driving towards the gas station by 5:20. Shortly after that we were dropping off the rental car with 982.7k more than it started with and getting a quick ride to the terminal. We checked our bags, passed quickly through security, and got […]

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Wineglass Bay

There were no shades on the upper windows in our cottage at Seaview so the sunshine woke us up fairly early. Dave braved the shower first. By the sound of it, the bathroom floor was unbearably cold and thus I was in no hurry to leave the warm bed. Finally I gathered up enough strength […]

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Horses and Penguins

Breakfast this morning was only served until 9:30 with a checkout at 10am and then the scheduled mystery activity at 10:30. I was mostly ready by 9:15 so we had some cereal and toast before going back to the room so I could finish getting ready and pack up. I had said that I would […]

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