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How to Travel with Two Passports

We have received so many questions on how to travel with two passports that we created an eBook! If you’d like more detail in addition to what we provide on this page, check out the book: So first things first, in order to travel with two passports, you actually need to have two (or more) […]

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Some of Cape Air's planes have Nantucket Airlines livery.  Samara is happy with either.

The Best Way to Get from New York to Provincetown

When I was growing up, there were two places we would go for summer vacation each year:  Montauk, at the end of Long Island, or Provincetown, at the end of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  Montauk was always a good time, but Provincetown was really special.  Whereas Montauk was only about two hours from our home […]

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Sea Plane over Maldives Atolls

How to Use Your Frequent Flier Miles to Fly for Free

A few weeks ago, I shared some tips for earning frequent flier miles.  Next up is how to use these frequent flier miles to actually fly for free (also known as “award travel”).  It is absolutely true that earning miles is only half the battle.  You can accumulate miles forever and ever, but actually using […]

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All Nippon Airways to New York Boarding in Tokyo

How to Earn Miles and Fly for Free

As I boarded the plane to Costa Rica, the scan of Dave’s boarding pass showed that he was now sitting in seat 4D, not 21E as his old boarding pass had said.  Well, 4D is pretty close to the front, which meant that my loving husband had been upgraded to first class while I was […]

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South African Airways with Western Cape South Africa

Why you should volunteer to get bumped

Warning: this doesn’t always work, but when it does…it is so so worth it 🙂 Returning on Air France from a whirlwind trip around the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Balkans, Dave and I had a layover in Paris on our way back to New York.  The layover was short, certainly not enough time to […]

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King Neptunes Court on the Silver Wind SilverSea cruise

King Neptune’s Court

After a half day at sea yesterday, two more days at sea were on tap! The Seychelles are REALLY far away and thus it takes 3 full days to get there. These days were amazingly relaxing full of napping, eating, drinking, trivia, good conversation and an odd ceremony – more on that soon, so get […]

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Cruise Trivia Team on Silver Wind SilverSea

Our Trivia Team on the Silver Wind = Hilarious Old Brits + Us

Another day at see….fantastic. The rest of the day was lunch, a nap and team trivia. Our old British team never wins, or even gets 2nd or 3rd place, but I think we definitely have the best team. All of our teammates are these hilarious rich Brits and we seem to spend more time laughing than […]

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Lunch in dining room on the Silver Sea SilverWind

Sun and Sushi Aboard the Silver Wind

Today was a restful day at sea and thanks to me no longer taking the malerone, I felt worlds better. The waves were higher than they ever had been, about 2m, so Dave was feeling a bit sea sick and got some pills down in the shop. Laying down seemed to improve things so we […]

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