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Jumping Around the World

It’s no secret, we love to travel. Somewhere around 2006 or so we started to express our love of travel by literally jumping for joy in our photos. It all began in Egypt actually with a group jumping shot in front of the Great Pyramid. Since then, we’ve been jumping around the world. Sometimes it […]

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Mike enjoying his private room and a bag of saline at Zagreb Central Hospital

I’ll Have the Lamb Soup…and an Ambulance

It was near the end of a very long day. We had just finished driving over 500 miles across four countries (in a single day) when we stopped for dinner at Kosuta Restaurant in Trebinje, Bosnia. Chandra and I were traveling along with my brother and two of our friends on an epic week-long road trip across the […]

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Highways and Hospital in Croatia

We woke up today in Split, Croatia at the Silver Central Hostel.  We had a lot of driving to do to make it all the way back to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, but little did we know we’d also be experiencing a Croatian hospital today. Mike had been throwing up all night and we needed […]

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Kotor, Montenegro to Split, Croatia via Debrovnik

Sleeping in a real bed at the Hotel Splendito in Kotor, Montenegro sure was a treat after 17 hours of driving yesterday.  It was windy all night and the shutters were slamming against our windows.  When it was finally morning, Dave and I stood at the door of our room and braced ourselves to open the […]

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Jumping on Latin Bridge in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro in a Day

Today was pretty much the longest day ever.  We drove through 4 countries: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro!!  We all got up early at our hostel in Belgrade, Serbia, the Chillton Hostel, and the plan was to leave at 8am.  We hoped to end the day in Kotor, Montenegro.  See below for our road […]

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Google map directions of Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia

Road trip: Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia

Today would be leg 1 of our road trip.  We will be driving from Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia. Dave and I got up early to get the car at the Sheraton in downtown Zagreb.  We walked there from Fulir Hostel and it only took about 20 minutes.  After the requisite checks and signatures, we were in […]

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St Patricks in Zagreb

We were all so so tired this morning but managed to drag ourselves out of bed to make it to the airport early.  Dave and I were leaving for Zagreb but Mike and Nicole were leaving later to take a train there because the airline messed up.  We hopped in a cab and made it […]

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