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11 Pieces of Essential Gorilla Trekking Gear

Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda is without a doubt the single best wildlife experience in the world. Seeing the critically endangered mountain gorillas up close with your own eyes is like living in a nature show but finding them isn’t always easy. It can take hours of trekking through dense vegetation on difficult terrain and […]

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One Secret Trick to Pay Half Price for the JFK AirTrain

Like most New Yorkers, I absolutely hate paying for the AirTrain when I need to go to JFK airport. I pay quite enough each month on my MetroCard as is so knowing I need to take a $10 hit just for making a round-trip to the airport is never any fun. Amazingly, there is a […]

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This is not the place to check  your fare class. It's already too late.

Want Miles? Always Check Your Fare Class

If you fly a lot, chances are you are kind of obsessed with earning miles. Frequent flyers know all the tricks to maximize the value of those miles. First and foremost is to always, always fly the same airline – or at least the same airline alliance. For the past five years I would go to […]

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Extra clothes should be in the carry-on, just in case

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids

The following is a guest post from contributor Rebecca Adams de Garate and does not reflect the views or experiences of either Chandra or Dave.  I have read many articles about people lashing out in horrendous ways at families with kids on flights. I myself have experienced disgust to the point of individuals cursing out loud at […]

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Jumping Around the World

It’s no secret, we love to travel. Somewhere around 2006 or so we started to express our love of travel by literally jumping for joy in our photos. It all began in Egypt actually with a group jumping shot in front of the Great Pyramid. Since then, we’ve been jumping around the world. Sometimes it […]

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Fillet mignon at Freemasons Hotel in Geraldton, Australia

My 10 Most Memorable Meals while Traveling

Food is always a big part of travel. After all, what you are eating is often defined by where you are and the experience of eating it is often one of the most memorable parts of being there.  Below are 10 of the most memorable meals I’ve enjoyed while traveling. Be prepared because this list […]

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This is not the same thing as having a second passport. Don't lie to immigration authorities!

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling with Two Passports

The most popular post on this site is How to Travel with Two Passports. In fact, it’s so popular it led me to write Step by Step Guide to Entering & Exiting a Country with Two Different Passports. If you haven’t read these posts, they are a great starting point to understanding your rights, benefits and […]

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Happy in Santiago, Chile after paying only 1 reciprocity fee.

Countries That Are Screwing Over Americans (Because We Screwed Them Over First)

So you have your passport. If you’re American, you have the benefit of being able to travel to a number of countries without a visa.* Congrats! Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly expensive to be a US passport holder while traveling abroad. Wait, what? Why Are They Charging Americans? The reality is that many non-US citizens […]

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