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Happy in Santiago, Chile after paying only 1 reciprocity fee.

Countries That Are Screwing Over Americans (Because We Screwed Them Over First)

So you have your passport. If you’re American, you have the benefit of being able to travel to a number of countries without a visa.* Congrats! Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly expensive to be a US passport holder while traveling abroad. Wait, what? Why Are They Charging Americans? The reality is that many non-US citizens […]

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Visa Requirements

Step by Step Guide to Entering & Exiting a Country with Two Different Passports

I’m not sure when it happened, but my post on How to Travel with Two Passports has become the most popular post on this site by far. Because of the volume of (very similar) comments I receive on that post, I’ve created both an eBook and this post as a follow-up! If you haven’t read […]

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How to Travel with Two Passports

We have received so many questions on how to travel with two passports that we created an eBook! If you’d like more detail in addition to what we provide on this page, check out the book: So first things first, in order to travel with two passports, you actually need to have two (or more) […]

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How to Take an Infant Passport Photo

So you’ve had a baby – congratulations!  And you’re determined not to let that baby mean the end of your travels.  That baby is going to see the world all before she starts forming permanent memories.  Sounds like a plan!  But this isn’t the 90’s.  As ridiculous as it may seem, that little baby is […]

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