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Kviknes Hotel Buffet Stone Crabs

The 14 Best Things I Ate in Norway

When I found out I would be going to Norway I couldn’t wait to the cruise the fjords, visit the real life Arendelle, hike a glacier, and go rafting on a river that I had only previously experienced while drinking out of a fancy cylindrical glass bottle. Something I never really gave much thought to was Norwegian food. The […]

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Despite my positive attitude, my brother seems a bit skeptical over the idea of eating this raw piece of whale meat

The Time I Was So Hungry, I Ate a Whale

Before I went to Iceland I had a pretty good idea that I was going to be eating some unusual things. Everyone knows about the “national dish” of fermented shark meat known as Hakarl that all tourists must suffer though. For some reason I was much more excited over things like reindeer and puffin. Eating whale […]

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