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A Sarajevo Roadtrip

The following article is a contribution by StyleHiClub reader, Joanie Lindstrom. Joanie was inspired by our own adventures around the Western Balkans enough to take her own Sarajevo roadtrip. Below are her adventures in her own words. You can read her full trip-report here.  My friend Andrew and I did a quick zip thru much of […]

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arabic speed limit sign in doha qatar

Reading Signs Away from Home

Whether you can read the language or not, signs in other countries are often incomprehensible.  Yesterday my job had me working on languages that do not use Latin characters – namely, I was looking at Cyrillic for quite some time.  If you’ve never seen Cyrillic, just imagine that someone took the regular alphabet, added some numbers, […]

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Google map directions of Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia

Road trip: Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia

Today would be leg 1 of our road trip.  We will be driving from Zagreb, Croatia to Belgrade, Serbia. Dave and I got up early to get the car at the Sheraton in downtown Zagreb.  We walked there from Fulir Hostel and it only took about 20 minutes.  After the requisite checks and signatures, we were in […]

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